First prototype for the Itchy wool bag.


green striped cotton skirt.



cotton dress prototype.


Ben!  This little (40 lbs. maybe) fellow was rescued from the Downey Shelter by our friends at Love Leo Rescue.  He had a terrible case of (very treatable) mange.  His health began to decline rapidly at the vets office and it looked like he wasn't going to make it.  I couldn't stand the thought of him taking his last breath in a small cage in a back room at a noisy vets office, so I agreed to take him for hospice care. Something I've never done before, and intentionally committed to before I was able to think too much about what it would entail.  I literally thought he was going die on the way home.  I carried him from the car, and set him up in a soft bed in my studio.  He slept for a day.  Then, he started eating.  The next day he wobbled around my office and ate some more.  It's been 6 days (he's eaten 2 chickens) and he seems almost ok.  He is still taking a handful of pills (holistic and not) and various supplements every day, but I am really hopeful that he might just be out of the woods.


It's spring!  No, well, ok, it's February.  Unseasonably warm here, though, so I started early.


Cotton organdy coat sample from Fall 2013.


Heavier cotton ticking stripe with more appliqued stripes.  More details on the store page


Pleated skirt.  Heavy cotton ticking with appliqued stripe.  See store page for details.

Pleated cotton yarn dye skirt sample.