Ben!  This little (40 lbs. maybe) fellow was rescued from the Downey Shelter by our friends at Love Leo Rescue.  He had a terrible case of (very treatable) mange.  His health began to decline rapidly at the vets office and it looked like he wasn't going to make it.  I couldn't stand the thought of him taking his last breath in a small cage in a back room at a noisy vets office, so I agreed to take him for hospice care. Something I've never done before, and intentionally committed to before I was able to think too much about what it would entail.  I literally thought he was going die on the way home.  I carried him from the car, and set him up in a soft bed in my studio.  He slept for a day.  Then, he started eating.  The next day he wobbled around my office and ate some more.  It's been 6 days (he's eaten 2 chickens) and he seems almost ok.  He is still taking a handful of pills (holistic and not) and various supplements every day, but I am really hopeful that he might just be out of the woods.